How to get to Spa Aurora and the Institute

Plan of the venue and the city.

Conference Venue

Spa Aurora – city peat spa, Lázeňská 1001, 379 13 Třeboň, Czech Republic
GPS coordinates: 49.00242N, 14.75154E (Mapy.cz)

Town and Institute of Botany

Institute of Botany CAS, Dukelská 135, 37901 Třeboň, Czech Republic
GPS coordinates: 49.0050719N, 14.7738050E (Mapy.cz)

Getting there

More detailed info in the final circular.

Coach from Linz

We will organize coaches from Linz to Třeboň (Wednesday, 4.5.2016 at 17:30, 10 EUR) and from Třeboň to Linz (Sunday, 8.5.2016 at 8:00, 10 EUR). Mark your interest in the registration form.

By plane:

It is best to fly to Prague (PRG). From the airport, the most convenient is to take a shuttle bus (AE) to the Main train station (Hlavní nádraží) for 60 CZK (paid at the driver) and continue by train. The bus goes every half an hour.

By train:

Czech trains and timetables can be found at IDOS. The travel from Prague main station takes about 2 hours and a half, from České Velenice (border with Austria) three quarters of an hour. The station “Třeboň-lázně” is closer to the city centre.

By bus:

We recommend a train to get to Třeboň from Prague, but from České Budějovice it is better to take a bus (timetables at IDOS)

By car: